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The Tassie Road Planner is designed to assist in planning a journey within Tasmania. This page answers questions concerning the Tassie Road Planner.

Copyright and disclaimer notice
The Tour of Tasmania's copyright and disclaimer also applies to the Tassie Road Planner. Amongst other things, the disclaimer absolves me from any responsibility for loss, damage etc. which you may incur through use of the Road Planner.

How accurate are the travelling times?
The travelling times given in the Tassie Road Planner are only estimates. For a more accurate estimate, you should adjust the times to account for factors such as: weather conditions; familiarity with right-hand drive cars (if from overseas); and the number of stops you plan to make during the journey.

I'd like more detailed maps... maybe you should show city streets?
One of the goals for the Tassie Road Planner is to be able to deliver this sort of detail. At present, the Road Planner is limited by a lack of geographic data, so that sort of detail isn't possible.

Tasmania doesn't look like that! (or: `your maps are bad')
The geographic data used in the Tassie Road Planner is makeshift; it isn't highly accurate. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to improve the quality of the geographic data (and thus the quality of the maps) will improve in the future.

You don't list [m]any attractions en route!
This aspect of the Tassie Road Planner is under development. More attractions will be added regularly!

Attractions en route means just that
Note that the attractions within a city/town will not be listed under `Attractions en route'. To find out more about things to see & do in a city/town, use the links to the Tour of Tasmania.

Can I copy the maps for use on my own page?
You may reproduce single maps on your site, provided you don't remove the Tour of Tasmania copyright notice, and you have an acknowledgement and link to the Tour of Tasmania accompanying the map. If you would like to reproduce a number of maps on your site, please contact me first.

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