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The Tassie Road Planner is designed to assist you in planning a journey within Tasmania. Given an origin and destination, the Road Planner will tell you how to get there, and even draw a map!


  1. Choose the departure point for your journey.
  2. Choose the destination of your journey (or the first stopover point if you intend a multi-stage journey).
  3. Adjust any of the optional settings if you wish.
  4. Click the Map button. The Road Planner will process your request.
  5. After your first request is processed, you will be given the option of continuing on to other destinations or clearing the map and starting again.
  6. When your route is displayed, you may pan the map display by clicking on the arrows surrounding it, or on the map itself to re-centre.
See the About the Tassie Road Planner page if you have any questions, or to view the Road Planner's disclaimer!

1. Select departure point

2. Select destination city

3. Optional settings

  • While in Tasmania, I expect to drive: slower average faster

4. Get the directions!

this journey; or the Road Planner.

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