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Marsupials are mammals which give birth to poorly developed young. The offspring are generally very small and live in the mothers pouch, feeding on her milk until they strengthen, grow fur and so on, allowing them to live outside the pouch's protection.

Tasmania is a haven for marsupials, examples of which include the kangaroo, koala, possum, Tasmanian Devil, Tasmanian Tiger and wallaby. Tasmania's separation from the mainland, diverse landscape and temperate climate has resulted in many species of plant and animal life prospering in the state. Many of these species are only found in Tasmania.

Tasmanian flora & fauna
FAUNA: Echidna | Kangaroo | Kookaburra | Possum | Rainbow lorikeet
Tasmanian devil | Tasmanian tiger | Tawny frogmouth | Wallaby | Wombat
FLORA: Huon pine | Tasmanian blue gum

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