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Maria Island is located off the east coast from Orford and Triabunna. It is best known for its discontinued penal settlement, which although smaller than the one at Port Arthur (around 750 men), is somewhat older.

While the old jail is the most popular attraction, the island is actually a 11,550 ha. National Park, offering good bushwalking and fishing. There are over 80 species of birds; native animals such as emus and wallabies have free reign on the island and are frequently sighted.

Darlington Settlement has buildings over 150 years old, dating to the convict era, and bearing testament to Maria Island's farming, whaling and sealing past. No cars are permitted on the island, and there is no electricity or shops. It can be reached by ferry from Orford, and although rudimentary accommodation is available in the old penitentiary, most visit the island on day trips.

``Maria'' is pronounced `Mahr-eye-ah' as in Mariah Carey, not `Mar-ee-ah'.

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