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This page outlines the Tour of Tasmania's policies concerning copyright matters, privacy, and legal responsibility. It definitely isn't the most exciting part of the Tour, but in the modern world is a necessity.

Copyright notice

The Interactive Tour of Tasmania is protected by Australian, United States, and international copyright laws. Unauthorised use of material contained in the Tour of Tasmania is strictly prohibited.

In particular, re-publication or re-distribution of any Tour of Tasmania content, via the Internet or any other means, is expressly disallowed. This applies to text, graphics, video, audio and photographs used in the Tour of Tasmania, except as noted below or as provided for by law. You may not mirror this site without the author's permission.

Text, graphics, video and audio:
Small fragments of text and graphics from the Tour of Tasmania (totalling no more than one page or one screen dump) may be quoted or reproduced for editorial purposes as permitted by copyright law. Where this is done, an acknowledgement to the Tour of Tasmania as the source of the text or graphic (and which incorporates the Tour of Tasmania's URL, http://www.tourtasmania.com) must accompany the quoted or reproduced segment. You must receive permission from the author before using text or graphics for any other purpose, or before reproducing greater quantities than described above. The use or re-distribution of video or audio from the Tour of Tasmania is strictly prohibited regardless of quantity or purpose.

Where a photograph is not overlayed with a copyright symbol, it may be freely used for non-commercial purposes provided an acknowledgement to the Tour of Tasmania as the source accompanies each image. Photographs bearing a copyright symbol may not be reproduced under any circumstances, unless prior permission has been received from the copyright holder.

This copyright statement may be revised at any time, and will apply retroactively.

Privacy/cookies policy

The Tour of Tasmania endeavours never to store or record information which would identify you individually, except when you choose to provide feedback concerning the Tour via the feedback form. When you do provide feedback, your computer's IP address and browser details are transmitted along with your feedback (provision of an email address is optional). This information may be used to assist in responding to your queries, but will never be sold or otherwise provided to a third party, except to authorised government agencies where required by law.

`Cookies' are small files which Web browsers write to your hard disk, often without your knowledge. The Tour of Tasmania uses cookies in order to store your viewing preferences for the Tour (Java or non-Java version) and when providing customised information, such as via the Tassie Road Planner. Cookies set by the Tour of Tasmania will contain only information directly related to your usage of the Tour. You may decline to accept Tour of Tasmania cookies, but you should be aware that certain functions of the Tour may not work properly if you do so.

Disclaimer statement

The opinions expressed are solely those of the author, who does not speak on behalf of Tasmania Online or any branch of government.

Although every effort is made to ensure the correctness of information in the Tour of Tasmania, there are rare occasions when errors are published. It is the responsibility of the reader to verify information with official sources before acting on it. In short, the author will not be held liable for how you personally apply the information in the Tour of Tasmania, or any loss or damage which may result.

External sites which have links from the Interactive Tour of Tasmania are not endorsed or supported by the Tour in any way. They are simply intended to make your search for Tasmanian information easier. If you have concerns or are offended by a particular link, please use the contact address below.

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