Tasmania: Frequently Asked Questions

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Links about Tasmania

This document contains:

Sources of information about Tasmania:

Sources of information about Australia:
  • soc.culture.australian FAQ
    The Frequently Asked Questions page from the soc.culture.australian newsgroup is one of the Web's definitive sources for information about Australia. One of the reasons the Tasmanian FAQ is not longer is because there is a heap of information in the s.c.a FAQ. The thirteen sections in the FAQ cover
    • About soc.culture.australian
    • How to find Australians, Australian Information
    • Citizenship/Visas/Immigration
    • Coming to Australia
    • Studying in Australia
    • For Australians Overseas
    • History
    • Politics
    • Geography, Natural History
    • Australian Life
    • Travel
    • Language
    • Culture
  • ABC News
    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation's news headlines. Updated 24 hours a day.
  • Australian Embassy FAQ page
    The Australian Embassy in Washington DC has put together a list of 24 questions often asked about Australia.
  • Visa and Immigration general information
    Visa information from the Australian Embassy in Washington DC.
  • Guide to Australia
    If there had to be a home page on the Web for Australia, this would be it. Links to most Australian WWW servers are accessed via here.
  • 1996 CIA World Factbook
    Concise statistical and factual information about Australia.
  • Exploring Australia
    A somewhat sloppy but nonetheless extensive guide to Australian information on the Web. A good listing of other useful sites.
  • Australian Tourism Commission
    Information for people considering a visit to Australia. Includes a photo gallery of various aspects of Australian life.
  • The List - Australia
    An extensive (although it doesn't seem comprehensive) list of internet access providers in Australia.
  • Radio Australia in RealAudio format
    Radio Australia's world news and a live broadcast stream. Your computer will need to be able to play sounds in RealAudio format for you to listen.
The Tasmania Discussion List:

A forum exists where people can discuss (via email) all matters related to Tasmania. The scope of the discussion list is broad; topics under discussion at any given time may include:

  • Tasmanian news and current affairs.
  • Sporting news and results.
  • Travel tips and advice for touring in Tasmania.
  • A question-and-answer forum for those interested in learning more about the state.
To subscribe to the list: send an Email to majordomo@vcserv.seas.smu.edu with subscribe tassie as the first line of the body of the message.

The number of messages received per day by list members is expected to be small (under ten); unsolicited commercial activity will not be permitted.

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