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Fauna of Tasmania

Which animals in Tasmania are dangerous?

The vast majority of animals in Tasmania are 'cute and cuddly'. Bennett's Wallaby and the Golden Possum are two examples of natives to Tasmania, and they aren't fierce at all. The state has a large collection of other native animals, including at least a dozen species of birds such as the Orange Bellied Parrot. Tasmania is free from introduced predators such dingoes, and foxes are believed to have arrived only recently.

Although Tasmanian Devils sounds like fierce animals, they are unlikely to be disturbed by most people in Tasmania, and most would shy away from an encounter with a human.

The most dangerous creatures are tiger snakes, which are rather common in many bush areas. These are extremely poisonous, and often sun themselves on bush tracks in warmer months. Snakes try to keep out of people's way, with the few cases of snakebite caused by them being surprised or cornered.

There are a few poisonous spiders, including the white-tailed spider, but none which pose a life-threatening risk to humans.

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