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The weather conditions applet provides current information about Hobart's weather, plus a graph of temperatures over the past 24 hours. This page answers questions concerning the applet.

Why isn't there a corresponding applet for Launceston?
I can't get the weather data for Launceston. If I had access to it, there would be a corresponding `Launceston weather conditions' applet.

Can I use the applet on my own page?
Yes, you are welcome to use the applet on your own pages! Include the following HTML code in your document:
<CENTER><APPLET CODE="Hobweather.class" NAME="Hobart-weather" CODEBASE="http://tourtasmania.com/java" WIDTH=340 HEIGHT=220></APPLET></CENTER>
Also have text to the following effect accompany the applet: "This applet is from the Interactive Tour of Tasmania. The Tour's copyright and disclaimer applies to the applet."

Where are the temperatures measured?
At Hobart Airport. The weather on television generally gives temperatures in the city, so there may be a slight discrepancy between the applet and what you see on television.

How up-to-date is the data?
The weather reports are generally less than an hour old. The "Observations at" line of the applet gives the local Hobart time when data was last recorded. Note that the data is not automatically updated if you leave the applet running for a long time - you must click the "Refresh" button of the applet manually.

How do I read the `winds' data?
The wind information is given as a direction and speed. The first letters give the direction the wind is blowing from (N = North, S = South etc.). The speed is given in kilometres per hour (1 mph = 1.6 km/h).

What does the `N' mean on the 24 hour plot?
The `N' means `No data'. No reading was taken for the specified hour. Ideally, you should never see an `N' on the plot.

I'd like to make the 24 hour plot bigger/smaller
In the HTML code given above, make the HEIGHT number larger/smaller according to your preference. The plot should adjust correspondingly. Making the size too small could obviously cause information to be unclear, or even not displayed at all.

The applet isn't working
If Java is disabled in your browser, the applet will not load. Things also mightn't work if there are network problems between Australia and the USA.

I don't believe those temperatures
Maybe the applet has temporarily fouled up. Wait an hour and try refreshing it. You get what you pay for!

How do you get the data?
The data comes from the NWS in the United States. It is not subject to copyright, and therefore I am free to relay it via the applet.

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